Identity & Trust as a Service

Trust Stamp guards against identity theft, friendly-fraud and “stranger-danger” by providing a secure digital token and objective trustworthiness score verifying the user’s photograph, identity and trustworthiness using patented algorithms and artificial intelligence resources from Microsoft and IBM Watson to review profile, photographic & drivers license data together with 200+ public records, e-commerce and social media sites.

Trust Stamp tokens can be shared in advertisements & profiles, embedded into digitized documents or shared via e-mail or SMS through a secure URL, QR code or one-time key providing validation through the Ethereum Blockchain. Trust Stamp can be used in enterprise applications via API or integration.

4 business channels

Real Estate Professionals

In 2015, 39,000 real estate professionals were assaulted or robbed while working but now you can know exactly who you’re meeting in less than 60 seconds and for less than the cost of a cup of coffee! As a member of the NAR REach class of 2016 we understand the needs of Realtors® and have built a platform custom designed for your needs.

Peer-to-Peer Users

When you come into contact with a stranger on a P2P or Sharing Economy site, how can you know that the other person is who they say they are or whether they’re a dangerous criminal? Before you meet a stranger or send them money, protect yourself by requesting a Trust Stamp!


Whether the need is client /customer, vendor or employee screening or providing secure identification solutions for your employees and contractors, Trust Stamp provides turn-key SaaS solutions for enterprises which can be integrated into existing platforms or accessed via API.

Banks & FinTech

Trust Stamp technology can be implemented for secure account opening, management & access, fraud prevention and as a revenue-generation opportunity including Trust & Identity as a Service or recipient identity verifications & guarantees to support P2P transactions. Trust Stamp is pleased to discuss custom implementations and proof of concept projects.
Founding & Operational Team
  • Scott Francis - Technology & CEO Designate - GigMint
  • Gareth Genner - Corporate, IP and Legal
  • Sovan Ghosal – Front End Developer
  • Andrew Gowasack - CEO & Chief Revenue Officer
  • Rand Gravely - Director of Social Media
  • Catherine Lambert - Cofounder (Data Management)
  • Mike Lindenau – Cofounder (Full Stack)
  • Kevin O’Neil – Mobile Prototyping
  • Khush Paul - Back Office & Ethereum Prototyping
Advisory Board
  • Joseph Casino, BA (International Business) IT
  • Nick Drapeau, BA (Economics) Consultant SBI
  • Jesus Garcia, BA (Accounting) Business Solutions Analyst – SunTrust
  • Blair Gowasack, JD, LLM (Taxation) (Incoming) Tax Associate - KPMG
  • Pat Metz, M.Acc, CPA, Risk Assurance Associate – PWC
  • Michael Pressley, MSc Regional Director –Safe Haven Security Services
  • Mathew Williams, BS (Accounting & Finance), Business Analyst - eVestment
  • Alex Valdes, BA (Business Administration & Accounting) CPA, CMA
Contact us:
3423 Piedmont Rd NE, Suite 258
Atlanta, GA 30305
(678) 323-1575
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