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Facial biometrics authentication.
Identity and Trust as a Service.
  • Secure selfie
  • Utility bill verification
  • Driver licence verification
  • Encrypted e-mails
  • Proof of liveness
  • Secure storage on enterprise server or blockchain

Our core solution

We start by verifying the liveness of the customer. We prompt them to take a “secure-selfie” using a smartphone or a webcam. We then subject the selfie to multilayer Proof of Liveness tests which ensure that there is a live human face in front of the camera. The image is then converted into a 3D histogram which we use to generate a biometric hash. Each hash is unique to a single customer’s face. These images constitute a unique and immutable digital identity which can be stored on enterprise servers or in a Blockchain.

Identity Fraud

We provide an answer to a growing multibillion dollar problem. Answers to knowledge-based authentication or username/password can be forgotten or stolen. Biometric authentication is much more reliable and safer for establishing and protecting identity.

Wire Fraud

Our solution uses biometrics to sign and encrypt e-mails in order to protect email accounts of consumers, emplyees and C-level executives. Unprotected e-mails are prone to hacking, social engineering and phishing that generates $50 billion in losses annualy.

Money Laundering

We have simplified the processes for KYC/AML document compliance. We are helping companies automate document and audit compliance requirements to not only avoid civil and criminal penalties, but also to create a more efficient and paperless environment.

Our core solution

Our services

Our services
Screening Credit Applicants
US financial institutions lose an estimated $20B to synthetic identity fraud each year and an additional $8.5B in opportunity costs from mistakenly declined transactions but our proprietary process effectively eliminates synthetic identity fraud in financial applications with our user-friendly process and can also identify multiple applications inter or intra-institution.

Step-up authentication
When a suspected account take-over occurs, Trust Stamp’s step-up authentication allows financial institutions to send the customer a secure message with a link prompting them to confirm their identity by taking a “secure selfie”. By comparing the secure selfie to the biometric hash collected at registration (for pre-registered customers) or to photo-ID and online images (for non-registered customers), financial institutions can quickly authenticate legitimate customers and provide instant account access.

KYC & AML for financial transactions
To address the exponential growth in KYC/AML requirements, we empower businesses with a completely automated transaction including our facial biometric tools and proprietary document OCR. Our multi-layer, automated, risk-based process speeds the process for both institutions and customers and provides audit trails, compliance reports and fuzzy logic to identify risky transactions and potential non-compliance.

Replacement of OTP-via-SMS
SMS-OTP’s can be easily intercepted by criminals, compromising existing two-factor authentication processes. Trust Stamp has created a replacement for SMS-OTP’s with web channel delivery of encrypted passwords that are only decrypted by the biometrics of the intended recipient.

Biometrically encrypted email & attachments
To address rapidly growing losses due to business e-mail compromise (BEC) and e-mail account compromise (EAC), we have created TrustedMail using the sender’s facial biometric data to sign and encrypt emails and attachments with decryption using the biometrics of the intended recipient(s) or a private key. Messages can be sent one-to-one or one-to-many.

Realtor® VIP Prospect Registration
We have developed a safety application with NAR® to allow a Realtor® to identify a stranger and make a safety decision before meeting them. When a stranger shares their profile, the Realtor® receives a color coded “Trust Stamp” which highlights any identified risk factors. This tool will soon be enhanced by a predictor as to whether a prospect is qualified for the proposed financial transaction.

Authenticated Avatars
Trusted Avatar™ provides anonymized but age verified login for children and teens participating in age restricted activities including those from which adults are precluded. Each child / teen Avatar is certified by a responsible background-checked adult. A complimentary application is currently being built in partnership with a digital-character trading platform to allow secure online trading between Avatars representing minors.

Peer-to-peer and sharing economy
There are daily crimes associated with P2P platforms ranging from fraud, robbery and assault to rape and murder requiring a new paradigm in digital identity and trust. Truststamp.net allows users to create and control their verified digital identity which they can choose to share when appropriate. With Trust Stamp, verifying and sharing your identity takes under two minutes and costs less than a cup of coffee!

NAEA Propertymark Passport
NAEA Propertymark raises professional standards among estate agents in more than 10,500 offices in the United Kingdom from single branch independents to large national groups. NAEA estate agents meet higher standards than the law demands and offer greater protection to consumers. Professional resources include the NAEA Propertymark Passport (in partnership with Biometric Innovations and Trust Stamp) which provides an unprecedented level of “Know Your Client” and “Anti-Money Laundering” assurance protecting homeowners & buyers, lenders, agents and the UK economy.

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